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Surface Cleaner

To maintain a hygienic home after decorating, it is strongly advised to prep walls with surface cleaner. Products available for purchasing that prevent fungal growth, mould and moss are ideal to avoid unsightly growths on walls and kill any existing bacteria. For cleaning brushes, white spirit is the answer. All can be found in this category.
5 Items
  1. Rodo General Purpose Giant Sponge

    Rodo General Purpose Giant Sponge

    From:£2.49(inc VAT)
  2. Rodo Professional Stockinette

    Rodo Professional Stockinette

    From:£5.95(inc VAT)
  3. Rodo Spontex Decorators Sponge

    Rodo Spontex Decorators Sponge

    From:£4.49(inc VAT)
  4. Rodo Professional Tack Cloth

    Rodo Professional Tack Cloth

    From:£1.29(inc VAT)
    multiple sizes
  5. Rodo Black Plastic Builders Bucket

    Rodo Black Plastic Builders Bucket

    From:£2.49(inc VAT)
5 Items