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Anaglypta Dado Panels

Dado panels never fail to leave that vintage chic impression. Anaglypta allow for ease of application as their products are flexible to apply, however offer extreme durability. These panels are guaranteed to give your home that classical appearance and with a carefully picked selection to choose from, you can capture your vision exactly.
4 Items
  1. Anaglypta RD 06681 Nouveau (DD)

    Anaglypta RD 06681 Nouveau (DD)

    From:£19.95(inc VAT)
  2. Anaglypta RD 06671 Baroque Dado Panels (DD)

    Anaglypta RD 06671 Baroque Dado Panels (DD)

    From:£19.95(inc VAT)
  3. Anaglypta RD 06700 Oriental (DD)

    Anaglypta RD 06700 Oriental (DD)

    From:£19.95(inc VAT)
  4. Anaglypta RD 06730 Rococo (DD)

    Anaglypta RD 06730 Rococo (DD)

    From:£19.95(inc VAT)
4 Items