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Specialist Paints

Specialist paints are those used for decoration that is out of the ordinary, i.e. a touch up on a radiator’s finish or even to give you the choice to add a protective layer over pre-existing paint jobs. Here we have compiled all of the niche specialist paints that you may need such as damp proof paint and chalkboard paint.

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Frequently asked questions about specialist paint

  1. What are specialist paints?

    Specialist paints are designed for decorating even the most challenging spaces like radiators, floorboards or garden railings. Here at Decorating Warehouse, we offer all of the niche specialist paints such as damp proof paint, chalkboard paint, heat resistant paint and many more.

    Specialist paints can be applied to almost any material, which is often difficult to paint with standard household paint. Decorating Warehouse specialist range can paint materials including plastics, glass, metals, wood and much more.

  2. How to use specialist paint?

    There are many types of specialist paints and their application will vary depending on the product and the surfaces you need to paint. Make sure to check the datasheet specifications of the specialist paint you are looking to buy as this will give you full user instructions.

  3. Where to buy specialist paints?

    Here at Decorating Warehouse, we have a range of specialist paints to meet your exact needs. From aluminium & heat resistant paints to brick & tile, metal or damp proof paints, the list goes on. Scroll up and check our range of specialist paints to find the one you need today.