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Emulsion Paint

Emulsion paints are favoured for decorating walls and are typically fast drying, due to being water based. We have a vast array of emulsion paints in various sizes and colours by all your favourite brands, here for purchasing today at Decorating Warehouse!
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  1. Dulux Soft Sheen Tinted Colours

    Dulux Retail Soft Sheen Tinted Colours

    From:£20.49(inc VAT)
    multiple sizes
  2. Johnstone's Paints Soft Sheen Vinyl Emulsion

    Johnstone's Soft Sheen Vinyl Emulsion

    From:£25.95(inc VAT)
    139 colours multiple sizes
2 Items
Frequently asked questions about emulsion paint
  1. What is emulsion paint?

    Emulsion paint is a water-based paint with resins added to make the finish hardwearing. Emulsion paint is used for interior walls and ceilings.

  2. What is silk emulsion paint?

    Our range of silk emulsion paints are the most durable and long-wearing in our collection. Due to its durability, our silk emulsion paints are ideal for rooms that deal with high amounts of traffic and condensation - such as kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, staircases and children’s bedrooms. For white silk emulsion paint, we recommend our Leyland Contract Silk Emulsion as a trade-quality paint available in brilliant white and magnolia.

  3. What types of emulsion paint are there?

    There are three different types of emulsion paint: matt, silk and soft sheen. Matt emulsion paint gives a non-shiny finish which is ideal for camouflaging small imperfections on a wall or ceiling. Soft sheen emulsion paint is much more durable than matt and has a subtle shine that is not reflective. Soft sheen is the ideal choice for newer walls and maintenance-friendly households. Silk emulsion paint has a vinyl, reflective finish. Out of all of the types of emulsion paint, it is the most durable. Given its durability, silk emulsion paint is the best choice for rooms prone to high moisture or high traffic such as hallways and staircases.

  4. Is emulsion water-based?

    Emulsion paint is water-based with vinyl or acrylic resin added to increase its durability.