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Primer should be used prior to the main coat if you are painting a new surface. We recommend that you use it as it provides an extra layer of protection to the surface, increases the paints lifespan and results in the main coat being more adhesive. Also, if you apply a single coat of primer it means that you can apply less layers of the main coat. The formulas are all quick drying. Matt and sheen finishes are available with interior and exterior options. They can simply be applied with a synthetic paint brush or paint roller.

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Frequently asked questions about primer paint

  1. What is a primer paint?

    Primer paint is a preparatory base that can be applied to surfaces before painting. Using primer paint allows for better adhesion for the paint applied on top, can increase durability and provides extra protection for the surface that is being painted.

  2. What is primer paint used for?

    Primer paints can be used on many different surfaces. Wood and metal primers are ideal for wooden furniture or metal features which require an opaque, clean cover of paint. Stain block paint can also be applied to plastic and wood surfaces which require a more sophisticated solution to covering stains. Many of our primer paints can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces, so be sure to check each product’s individual datasheet.