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Anaglypta Pro

The Anaglypta Pro series consists of both classic and current designs that are made from three different layers of paper, without the use of PVC. These wallpapers are ideal for those wanting to make a statement but for an extended amount of time. Anaglypta Pro wallpapers allow for this as the undermost layer provides supreme stability and enables the longest wear possible.
3 Items
  1. Anaglypta RD 84578 Chestnut

    Anaglypta RD 84578 Chestnut

    From:£21.49(inc VAT)
  2. Anaglypta RD 261 Herringbone (DD)

    Anaglypta RD 261 Herringbone (DD)

    From:£8.49(inc VAT)
  3. Anaglypta RD 80097 Stone (DD) DISCONTINUED

    Anaglypta RD 80097 Stone (DD) DISCONTINUED

    From:£21.49(inc VAT)
3 Items