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Furniture Finish

Our furniture finish can transform pieces to give them a whole new look, whether it being glossy or chalky. They also seal the surface to protect against any stains and marks. They can be used straight over bare or painted wood and they all provide excellent coverage in just one coat. They can easily be applied and buffed with a cloth or hand brush.
19 Items
  1. Liberon Hard Wax Oil

    Liberon Hard Wax Oil

    From:£32.95(inc VAT)
    multiple sizes
  2. Rust-Oleum Metallic Finish Furniture Paint

    Rust-Oleum Metallic Finish Furniture Paint

    From:£6.49(inc VAT)
    multiple sizes
  3. Liberon Quick Drying Tung Oil

    Liberon Quick Drying Tung Oil

    From:£10.95(inc VAT)
    multiple sizes
  4. Liberon Pure Tung Oil

    Liberon Pure Tung Oil

    From:£8.95(inc VAT)
    multiple sizes
  5. Liberon Superior Danish Oil with UV Filter

    Liberon Superior Danish Oil with UV Filter

    From:£6.95(inc VAT)
    multiple sizes
  6. Liberon Teak Oil with UV

    Liberon Teak Oil with UV

    From:£8.49(inc VAT)
    multiple sizes
  7. Liberon Finishing Oil

    Liberon Finishing Oil

    From:£6.49(inc VAT)
    multiple sizes
  8. Rust-Oleum Furniture Paint Gloss

    Rust-Oleum Furniture Paint Gloss

    From:£6.49(inc VAT)
    multiple sizes
  9. Rust-Oleum Chalky Finish Furniture Paint Matt

    Rust-Oleum Chalky Finish Furniture Paint Matt

    From:£6.49(inc VAT)
    multiple sizes
  10. Rust-Oleum Furniture Finishing Wax

    Rust-Oleum Furniture Finishing Wax

    From:£12.95(inc VAT)
    multiple sizes
  11. Briwax Creamed Beeswax

    Briwax Creamed Beeswax

    From:£17.95(inc VAT)
  12. Briwax Original - Wax Polish

    Briwax Original - Wax Polish

    From:£15.95(inc VAT)
    multiple sizes
  13. Briwax Wax Spray aerosol (Clear)

    Briwax Wax Spray aerosol (Clear)

    From:£10.49(inc VAT)
  14. Osmo Polyx Oil Rapid

    Osmo Oil Polyx Oil Rapid

    From:£35.08(inc VAT)
    multiple sizes
  15. Osmo Oil Osmo Polyx Oil

    Osmo Oil Osmo Polyx Oil

    From:£31.93(inc VAT)
    multiple sizes
  16. Sikkens Cetol TSI Satin Plus

    Sikkens Cetol TSI Satin Plus

    From:£27.95(inc VAT)
    1 colour multiple sizes
  17. Polyvine Wax Finish Varnish

    Polyvine Wax Finish Varnish

    From:£24.95(inc VAT)
    multiple sizes
  18. Johnstones Quick Dry Polyurethane Varnish

    Johnstone's Quick Dry Polyurethane Varnish

    From:£10.49(inc VAT)
    multiple sizes
  19. Johnstones Polyurethane Varnish

    Johnstone's Polyurethane Varnish

    From:£10.49(inc VAT)
    multiple sizes
19 Items
Frequently asked questions about wood furniture paint
  1. What kind of paint should you use on wood furniture?

    When painting furniture you can use we recommend a water-based product. Both gloss and matt paints can be used on wooden furniture, but a gloss finish will stand the test of time better as it is easy to clean.

    How to paint wooden furniture

    Before you begin your paint job, wipe clean all the surfaces of the furniture that you intend to paint. This helps to remove any dirt particles which could tarnish the overall finished look of your painting.

    If your furniture has been painted previously, it’s a good idea to sand down the surface to remove any pre-existing glossy finishes completely. This will make it easier for the new paint to bind to the wood. However, unless you are applying a wood stain, there is no need to sand all the way down to the bare wood. The main thing is to remove all traces of gloss.

    Next, you should apply a wood primer to prepare the wood for painting. This will make your paintwork last longer and provide a better surface for the paint to attach to. Be sure to let the primer dry completely before applying your first coat of paint.

    Begin applying your first coat of paint evenly using either a paint brush or a paint roller. Rollers are sometimes preferred as they help to avoid visible brush strokes, but it’s your own personal preference. If you do use a roller, be aware that you will likely need a small brush to reach into small crevices.

    Stick to a thin coat at first and build up the layers over time, rather than applying one thick coat all in one go. This will take much longer to dry and result in a lower quality finish. For a fuller colour finish you should apply 2-3 coats of paint, leaving to dry thoroughly between each application.

  2. How to paint wood furniture without sanding

    It is sometimes possible to paint furniture without sanding beforehand, even if the surface has been painted before. We recommend using a specialist paint for this, such as Rust-Oleum Furniture Paint Gloss which is specially designed for use in covering over old paint and varnish.

  3. How to seal painted furniture

    Once you have painted your surface and left it to dry completely (for at least 24 hours), it’s a good idea to seal the wood using a specialist wood sealer. This provides an extra protective layer for the finish and the seal turns the wood into a smooth surface which is easy to wipe clean.

    How to remove paint from wood furniture

    The two main ways to remove layers of paint from wood furniture are sanding or using a chemical paint stripper. Sanding is a straightforward job but does require a good amount of elbow grease, so if you are removing paint from a larger area it is recommended to use a specialist paint remover instead.