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Ready Mixed Filler

Ready mixed filler is ideal for those wanting to save a few minutes while preparing to decorate. It is designed to close over holes, dents and other imperfections that may have occurred during decoration. These products tend to be fast drying so be sure to wash the excess off tools, directly after application to prevent it from setting.
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  1. Mangers Ready Mixed All Purpose Filler

    Mangers Ready Mixed All Purpose Filler

    From:£3.95(inc VAT)
    multiple sizes
  2. Ciret Red Devil Onetime Filler

    Ciret Red Devil Onetime Filler

    From:£6.95(inc VAT)
    multiple sizes
  3. Sandtex Masonry Filler

    Sandtex Masonry Filler

    From:£5.95(inc VAT)
3 Items
Frequently asked questions about ready mixed filler
  1. What is ready mixed filler?

    Ready mixed filler is exactly what it says on the tin - a filler that can be used straight away. Rather than having to mix filler with any secondary ingredients, ready mixed filler simply requires a stir before application. Many multi-purpose fillers come ready mixed, and can be used on indoor and outdoor services.

  2. Can you use multi purpose filler on wood?

    Yes most multi purpose fillers are suitable for use on wood, though you should always check the details of the specific product you are working with. You may prefer to use a powder filler that you have to mix yourself, in which case we recommend using a stiffer mixture by using less water to create your paste.

  3. How to use ready mixed filler?

    The main benefit of ready mixed filler is that it is ready to use right out of the tub. Before applying though, you should prepare your surface by brushing away any excess dust and dirt. It is also recommended to use an oil-based primer (such as Johnstones Wood Primer) to cover nails and screws. This will prevent any rust stains from bleeding through.

  4. How long does ready mixed filler take to dry?

    Your filler should be touch dry in approximately one hour, though drying times can vary by product so be sure to check the label. You can then apply a second layer if required, or leave to dry completely for 24 hours before sanding down and applying other finishes as needed.