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Filler is an essential when it comes to preparing to decorate. Ensure that holes, cracks and fractures are filled before painting to avoid a sloppy finish. Ready mixed, powder filler, filler putty and wood filler can all be found here, giving you the ability to find exactly what you need for specific surfaces.

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Frequently asked questions about filler

  1. How long does filler take to dry?

    The amount of time that it takes for filler to dry depends upon the size of the area being filled and the thickness of the filling. As a general rule, filler is normally touch dry after 2 hours but should be left for 24 hours to dry completely.

  2. How long does filler last?

    The durability of your filler will depend on the surface it is applied to - filler applied to an indoor surface will have a much longer lifespan than that applied to an exterior surface which is subject to weathering.

    Filler left in the tub for use at a later date may start to dry out over time but this can be prevented by tightly sealing the lid after use to stop air getting in. Any dried mixture can usually be revived by adding water and giving it a vigorous shake.

  3. What is lightweight filler?

    Lightweight fillers are formulated from tiny glass bubbles and will fill most cracks, gaps, and holes with a single application. Due to their lightweight nature they are extremely quick drying and can be painted over soon after application (though you should leave at least 12 hours if using oil based paint). A lightweight filler such as Mangers Lightweight Filler is recommended for filling deeper gaps or large holes as you will need to apply less than if using a regular filler.