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Grab Adhesive

Everbuild?s grab adhesive Pink Grip products are high-strength, all-purpose adhesives that can be used for all kinds of tricky jobs around a construction site or in a decorating project. Pink Grip adhesive is available from Decorating Warehouse in both solvent-based and solvent-free varieties. Both are suitable for painting over when cured. The solvent-based adhesive is quick drying and particularly useful for tough exterior jobs. It?s a tried and tested formula that gained Everbuild?s Pink Grip an excellent reputation. The newer, solvent-free variety is an innovative formula that?s better suited for interior use, while retaining all the qualities of the original product.
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  1. Everbuild Pink Grip SF (Grab Adhesive)

    Everbuild Pink Grip SF (Grab Adhesive)

    From:£7.95(inc VAT)
    multiple sizes
  2. Everbuild Pink Grip (Grab Adhesive)

    Everbuild Pink Grip (Grab Adhesive)

    From:£4.95(inc VAT)
    multiple sizes
2 Items