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Synthetic Paint Brushes

Synthetic brushes are typically made to be used for applying water-based latex paint but specific products can be multi-use and also apply alkyd paints as effectively as natural bristle brushes. With such a broad portfolio of brands to choose from, you can simply browse the different styles, sizes and densities until you find your perfect brush for the job.

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Frequently asked questions about synthetic paint brushes

  1. What is a synthetic paint brush?

    Synthetic brushes tend to be made from nylon or polyester, or a mixture of the two. This is in contrast to natural bristle brushes which are made from animal hair, commonly badger or hog hair.

  2. Why use a synthetic brush for water based paint?

    Synthetic paint brushes are best for use with water based paints or stains, and are compatible with gloss, satin and eggshell finishes. If you try to use a water based paint with a natural bristle brush you will find that the brush goes limp and it will be much harder to spread the paint effectively.

    Synthetic brushes tend to have a smoother feel and springier bristles which makes it easier to ‘cut in’ - to create straight lights between different surfaces e.g. two adjacent walls, or a wall and a ceiling. You could also choose to use a specialist cutting in brush for this. Synthetic brushes are also good for use with furniture and other woodwork.