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Anti-Mould Paint

Prevent fungal growth on your interior walls or ceilings with our anti mould paint. They are quick drying, durable and washable. It can be applied to multiple surfaces such as plaster, brick, cement and morter. We have water based and acrylic resin based formulas available in multiple sizes and colours. The sophisticated solutions are perfect to be applied in the kitchen and bathroom as these areas are prone to mould growth. We recommend that you cover the surface with two coats with a paint brush.
8 Items
  1. Johnstones Anti-Mould Acrylic

    Johnstone's Anti-Mould Acrylic

    From:£50.49(inc VAT)
    multiple sizes
  2. Johnstones Microbar Anti Bacterial Acrylic Matt

    Johnstone's Microbar Anti Bacterial Acrylic Matt

    From:£146.95(inc VAT)
    1 colour multiple sizes
  3. Johnstones Microbar Anti Bacterial Acrylic Eggshell

    Johnstone's Microbar Anti Bacterial Acrylic Eggshell

    From:£146.95(inc VAT)
    1 colour multiple sizes
  4. Johnstone's Paints Sterilising Wash

    Johnstone's Sterilising Wash

    From:£16.49(inc VAT)
  5. Johnstones Stop Mould

    Johnstone's Stop Mould

    From:£94.95(inc VAT)
    multiple sizes
  6. Blackfriar Interior Seal Damp

    Blackfriar Interior Seal Damp

    From:£5.49(inc VAT)
    multiple sizes
  7. Zinsser Perma - White Satin

    Zinsser Perma - White Satin

    From:£16.95(inc VAT)
    1711 colours multiple sizes
  8. Zinsser Perma - White Matt

    Zinsser Perma - White Matt

    From:£16.95(inc VAT)
    1711 colours multiple sizes
8 Items
Frequently asked questions about anti-mould paint
  1. How does anti-mould paint work?

    Anti-mould paint works by using powerful biocides to prevent mould growth for up to five years. Though anti-mould paint does not stop condensation, it works by preventing the side effects of condensation such as mould and mildew. Anti-mould paint works best in bathrooms when they are properly ventilated or dried after showers and bathing. We would recommend using our anti-mould paints alongside ensuring that there is enough ventilation to areas that are prone to mould.

  2. How to use anti-mould paint

    • Ensure that the room you are applying anti-mould paint to is above 10C and open all doors and windows in the room for ventilation. Protect surfaces and furniture with dust sheets.
    • If your walls have been newly plastered, leave them to dry for a week and apply the sealer before applying anti-mould paint.
    • For walls that already have mould, use a mould killer such as HG Hagesan to remove it. We do not recommend sanding the wall before using a mould killer, or you will spread the mould spores. Sand off any remaining paint for a smooth surface, ready for painting.
    • Thoroughly stir the anti-mould paint for a smooth consistency then pour into a tray. Coat your brush or roller and wipe off excess paint on the tray rim.
    • Apply the first coat and wait for a minimum of four hours to dry. You can then go in for a second coat or more if there has been significant staining.
    • Wait 24 hours before letting condensation occur in the room again (No cooking or bathing).