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Filler Putty

The main difference between wood putty and wood filler is that putty consists largely of a plastic such as epoxy, whereas filler is made up of wood fibres. This causes another of the key differences - that wood putty does not harden but wood filler does. Wood putty can be better suited for outdoor use due to being more weatherproof, while wood filler works with on indoor surfaces.
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  1. Mangers Linseed Oil Putty

    Mangers Linseed Oil Putty

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Frequently asked questions about filler putty
  1. Can I use filler instead of putty?

    It largely depends on what you are trying to achieve. As mentioned if you are working on an outdoor surface then you are probably better off using wood putty. However, some wood fillers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, such as Mangers Ready Mixed All Purpose Filler. If you are looking to work with steel or concrete however, you will need to use an all purpose putty such as Mangers Linseed Oil Putty.

  2. How long does wood putty take to dry?

    Oil based wood putties will not harden up completely, but you will have around 4 hours of working time with the putty in its most malleable state. Once applied, a skin will begin to form between 2-4 days in an outdoor setting.

  3. How to use wood putty filler?

    Before applying your wood putty, clean off any surface dust, grease, or other loose material to give yourself a clean and smooth surface to work with. If working with an absorbent material such as timber, make sure it is completely dry before beginning the application. You should also consider repriming and resealing a wood surface if it has been particularly weathered.

    If you are filling a small hole using the putty then the best applicator is simply your finger or you can also use the end of a flathead screwdriver to smooth it over. Manipulate the putty to the desired effect and once you’re happy with the outcome, that’s it! Job done.