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Wood Sealant

Wood sealer is the perfect solution if you’re looking to give your main coat of paint a smoother finish. It works to seal knots and resinous woods before you paint them and can be used internally or externally.
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  1. Barrettine Patent Knotting

    Barrettine Patent Knotting

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    multiple sizes
  2. Liberon Floor Sealer

    Liberon Floor Sealer

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    multiple sizes
2 Items
Frequently asked questions about wood sealant
  1. What is wood sealer?

    Wood sealer is designed to plug up any knots or any other imperfections in the surface of wood before applying additional varnishes or waxes. This “seals” the surface of the wood to leave the top coats with a smooth finish and achieve a glossy finish. Applying wood sealer also provides an extra defensive layer to protect against scratches or other signs of wear and tear.

  2. How to apply wood sealer?

    Prepare the surface by sanding away any pre-existing finishes and make sure that the surface is free of dirt and dust before applying the sealer. Shake the sealer well then apply a liberal amount to the wood using a brush, cloth, or roller. Leave to soak into the wood for 10-15 minutes then wipe away the excess using a clean, dry cloth.

  3. How long does wood sealer take to dry?

    You should aim to apply at least 3 coats of wood sealer, leaving around 5 hours in between coats for sufficient drying. Wipe up any spills immediately to prevent stains or an uneven finish.

  4. What is the best wood sealer for laminate flooring?

    For treating indoor floor surfaces, we recommend using Liberon floor sealer. This oil based product is water, heat, and alcohol resistant and is designed to enhance the natural colour of your wood surfaces for a glossy, like-new finish.