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Eggshell Paint

Eggshell paint is in the middle of matt and silk. It’s not as shiny as silk, whereas it has a greater shine than matt. As a result, it replicates the surface of an eggshell. It has the ability to cover up scuffs and stains after about 2 coats, however we recommend that you don’t use it in the kitchen, bathroom or your children’s bedrooms as it is not as durable as other paints. There are 1000’s of different colours available that can be applied to multiple surfaces depending on your specific requirements.

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Frequently asked questions about eggshell paint

  1. What is eggshell paint?

    Eggshell paint is the halfway point between satin or silk and a matt paint. It is less shiny than satin or silk, but has more luster than matt emulsion. Eggshell paint’s finish is, funnily enough, similar to the surface of an eggshell.

  2. What is eggshell paint used for?

    Eggshell paint is best used to reflect light throughout a room and create depth in a space without appearing too shiny. For this reason, we would recommend using eggshell paint for living rooms, dining rooms and walls in medium-to-low traffic areas. As eggshell paint is not as durable as some of our other paints, we would not recommend using it in kitchens, bathrooms or children’s bedrooms.

  3. What is the best primer for eggshell paint?

    There is no specific “best” primer for eggshell paint. Rather, you should match the base of your primer with your pain

    t’s base. For example, if you choose to use a water-based eggshell paint such as Johnstone’s Aqua Water Based Satin,, we would recommend using a primer like Johnstones Aqua water-based undercoat if you choose an oil-based paint.

    How long does eggshell paint take to dry?

    Eggshell paint will take 4-6 hours to be touch-dry. To be dry enough to apply a second coat, we would recommend waiting 16-24 hours.

  4. How to apply eggshell paint to woodwork

    Eggshell paint is the perfect accent to add vintage characteristics to woodwork. We would recommend using it to refresh woodwork such as fireplaces, bannisters, skirting boards and window sills. These are our top tips to ensure the perfect finish when applying eggshell paint to woodwork:

    Where possible, use a paint roller over a brush. For a smoother finish, opt for a short-pile roller sleeve. For a textured finish, use a medium/long-pile sleeve

    Do not apply more than moderate pressure to your paint roller when applying eggshell paint. This will achieve a smooth finish with eggshell that is free of brush marks

    Be generous with reloading eggshell paint to avoid pressing the paint roller into the wall

    Given eggshell paint’s semi-lustrous finish, only roll your paint roller in one direction

    Apply at least two coats of eggshell paint to get complete coverage

  5. How to clean eggshell paint off brushes

    Follow our tips below to properly clean eggshell paint off your brushes and paint rollers:

    • Scrape off as much eggshell paint as possible from your brushes and rollers
    • It’s now time to soak your brushes and rollers
    • For brushes covered in water-based paint, soak your brushes and rollers in warm water for 2 hours
    • If you have used solvent-based paints, soak your brushes and rollers in a solvent-based cleaner such as Brushmate Fluid
    • To dispose of the solvent-based cleaner, cover the container and leave for 24 hours minimum. This will allow the paint and cleaner to separate, and you can pour the remaining cleaner back into its bottle.
    • After you have soaked your brushes, dry them with a clean cloth and store in a dry place

    If you don’t have the time or patience to follow the steps above, why not check out our Brushmate Trade 20 and 4+ Systems? All you have to do is store your wet brushes into the box and the Brushmate Trade will clean them for you! Soft, pliable and ready for use in no time at all.