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Anti Condensation Paint

You can protect multiple surfaces with our damp proof paint. When you apply the clear coating to a surface, it penetrates then seals it against damp. All of our anti-condensation paint is for interior use only and can be used on surfaces such as plaster, brick and cement. It’s perfect to use before you decorate to add an extra layer of protection to the surface. We recommend that you use it with our Dec Ware brushes.
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  1. Johnstones Damp Proof Paint

    Johnstone's Damp Proof Paint

    From:£104.95(inc VAT)
  2. Johnstone's Paints Anti-Condensation Paint

    Johnstone's Anti-Condensation Paint

    From:£95.49(inc VAT)
  3. Blackfriar Interior Seal Damp

    Blackfriar Interior Seal Damp

    From:£5.49(inc VAT)
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3 Items
Frequently asked questions about anti-condensation paint
  1. Does anti-condensation paint work?

    Yes, it works! Anti-condensation paint can be used on surfaces such as metal, plaster, brick or cement and provides an extra layer of protection against dampness.

  2. How does anti-condensation paint work?

    Anti-condensation paint works by insulating the surface it is applied to. This helps improve the surface temperature to avoid excessive moisture from permeating your walls. Anti-condensation paints can also contain a fungicide to stop mould from growing. Whilst this type of paint is ideal for use in areas where condensation occurs, it is not a replacement for ensuring that a property is well ventilated and insulated, to avoid major condensation issues.